Family Feature- The Freemans!

Chloe Freeman

When asked how she would describe Akron Fossils & Science Center (AFSC) to someone who had never been here before, Chloe Freeman had one word, “Amazing.” A student in the Simply Science program for 3 years now, Chloe is more excited about science than ever before.

Simply Science, for those who don’t know, is Akron Fossils & Science Center’s program offering K-12 science courses for home educated students. Classes explore a wide variety of science fields, covering everything from Anatomy to Botany to Crime Scene Investigation.

At 13, Chloe already has her sights set on a future in science. With the goal of becoming a Marine Biologist, she has started looking for colleges that specialize in this area of study. Her interest in the subject grew while taking Marine Biology at AFSC last year. Not only did Chloe complete her science fair project on bioluminescence, her mother, Karen,  shared that Chloe insisted the family visit the local marine biology center during the family’s vacation.

Watching Chloe talk about the classes and work excitedly with her friends in class, it’s clear that AFSC is more than just a place she is required to go in order to complete her science credit. In fact, she doesn’t have to come at all. This year, Chloe is enrolled in online science courses, but she still chose to participate in Simply Science, just because she enjoys it.

“The classes are amazing, the teachers are amazing. It’s just so much easier to learn here because it’s fun.  Miss. Jodie and the activities make it easy to understand, more than just reading it out of a book. If it were possible, I wish I could take all my classes here.”

Chloe first came to AFSC after her mother learned about Simply Science through a friend.  Karen had always homeschooled Chloe, but, because science wasn’t a favorite or strong subject of her own, she thought Simply Science would be a good way to give her daughter a richer, more in-depth science education than she could get at home.

One facet of Simply Science that both Karen and Chloe highlighted was the Annual

Science Fair collage

Science Fair 2016

Science Fair. Having watched her older children participate in science fairs through public schools, Karen recalls being left to figure out much of the science fair process alone. Conversely, Jodie spent the time with Chloe and the other students to walk them through the process, from discussing the purpose of a science fair, to teaching them how to do good research, all the way to how to professionally present a project.

Last year, Chloe’s science fair project was on, no surprise here, Marine Biology, studying bioluminescence in different types of light. This year, Chloe decided to do a project with several friends in her Botany class. Together they are researching the effect of different light and fertilizer on tomato growth.

While the science fair was Chloe’s absolute favorite project she’s worked on so far, it was by no means the only one she enjoyed.  When asked what project or experiment she’s liked most, she replied “Just one?” Also in the running were the class’s hydroponics project and a video the students got to make for class.

Outside of studying ocean life, Chloe loves to read. When asked what she enjoys reading, Chloe replied, “Books on marine biology, books on space, and I’m reading a book on Mars and growing food there. “ She also added in a love for other books within the Sci-Fi genre.

chloe freeman, botany class

Chloe’s passion for science and learning is contagious, as is her energetic and friendly personality. Thank you to the Freeman family for sharing your story!

Check back here next month to meet our next Feature Family: The Hendersons!


Learn more about Simply Science: K-12 Science Classes for home educated students!

Check out our 6 amazing SUMMER CAMPS

2017 camp banner


Simply Science Spring Session 2016

SS - Spring 2016 Square.jpg

With Akron Fossil & Science Center’s Professional Upgrade well under way, 2016 is off to a running start! In addition to Birthday Parties and Super Science Saturday, AFSC will also be offering its popular 12 week session of Simply Science classes beginning January 19th. With our Spring Session beginning next week, we’d like to highlight this amazing resource and encourage you to sign up! If you haven’t registered yet, you’re in luck! To give more people the opportunity to take advantage of these classes, we have extended the registration date to Monday January 18th!!

So what exactly is Simply Science? Created to align with Ohio education standards, SimplySSP2 Science is a 12 week session of science classes developed for home schooled students grades K-12th. With 6 Simply Science 2014classes from which to choose, Simply Science allows students to explore a variety of sciences through hands-on activities, interactive journals, and take home assignments designed to build greater connections with the material covered in class. Regular testing is administered along with a report card showcasing your child’s achievements. Here is a sampling of what you can look forward to for our Simply Science Spring Session:



Classes and Dates:

Tuesdays Jan. 19-April 12

Anatomy and Physiology 10am-12pm

  • K-2nd
  • 3rd-5th

Biology 10am-12pm

  • 7th-8th
  • 9th-10th

Physics  1pm-3pm

  • 9th-12th

Wednesdays Jan. 20-April 13

Astronomy 10am-12pm

  • K-5th
  • 6th-8th

Marine Biology 1pm-3pm

  • 7th-8th
  • 9th-12th

Thursdays Jan 21- April 14

Marine Biology 10am-12pm

  • K-2nd
  • 3rd-5th

Physical Science 1pm-3pm

  • 7th-8th
  • 9th-12th

 *Spring Break March 29-31

Download full brochure


Akron Fossils & Science Center strives to remain an affordable educational resource for families, so we are offering our Simply Science classes for the low price of $12/class or $120/session for grades K-6th, and $15/class or $150/session for grades 7th-12th. To ease the burden for families with multiple students, we also offer a 25% sibling discount after the first child for those who register for a full session. If you love Simply Science and refer a friend who decides to register, you can also receive $10 off your registration!

$10 Off Coupon for Referal and Return


Registration may be done by phone, mail, in person, or through PayPal on our website (*Please do not use PayPal if the family discount applies to your situation: please email us for a PayPal invoice to include your discount). Full payment is required with registration. Parents are welcome to sit in on classes—free of charge!

If you’re still not convinced to sign up, check out these pictures of previous Simply Science students learning about science AND having fun doing it! We hope to see you all next week!



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