Summer Has Arrived!!!

The sun is shining and the weather is warming up! It looks like summer is finally upon us and everyone here at AFSC  couldn’t be more excited! In only a few short weeks, on May 31st, AFSC will transition to summer hours and will then be open Tuesday- Saturday, from 10am-5pm. Summer is our busiest time of the year and 2016 is shaping up to be our best summer yet. With the Kids Science Bash and summer camps just around the corner, new programming, a new animal room, exhibit hall renovations, and our FIRST ever summer kick off carnival, we can hardly wait to get started!  Check out all of the exciting events coming up this summer at Akron Fossils & Science Center!

Kids Science Bash-  Saturday May 14th

While our annual science fair is taking place, we will also be hosting an all day Kids Science Bash! From 10am-5pm, we will be performing hands-on experiments, enjoying wacky science snacks, checking out some cool creatures during our creature feature, and competing in contests, drawings, and more! And don’t forget to come dressed up as a wacky mad scientist to enter our costume contest! We are looking forward to celebrating science and we hope you will join in on the fun! Admission is just $10 for the whole day!!

NEW Programming

A lot of hard work has gone into creating a new space for our exhibits over the past year, but what you may not have heard is that our programming has also been undergoing significant changes. This summer we are introducing a brand new programming model! We are transitioning our traditional tour to be more conducive to self-guided tours by filling our space with new, interactive options to help enhance guests’ learning while also making the information accessible and fun for all ages. Beyond our tour, we will be offering rotating exhibits, activity stations, live animal encounters, themed breakout sessions, guest speakers, and more!

One of the elements of the new model we are so excited about sharing with you is the addition of breakout sessions. Each month, a new topic will be added to the tour and extra, hands-on learning options will be available throughout the day to add to your learning and discovery! We want you to learn and experience something new with each visit and these sessions allow us to provide an exciting variety of topics.

Summer Camps- Sessions begin June 20th and end August 5th (see for session dates) 

This year camps are back and better than ever! Now with THREE camp themes and six sessions to choose from, there is something for everybody!  AFSC will be offering a Dino Adventure Camp, Creature Feature Camp and for the first time ever, a Mad Science Camp! Each day, campers rotate through five different learning stations where they are encouraged to learn, create, and explore.  You may choose between a morning and afternoon session and before and after care are also available. We love camp season as it allows the children an opportunity to really get their hands into science and learning. We can’t wait to play, learn, and explore with everyone! Registration for all sessions is NOW OPEN, so make sure to grab your spot while we have space!

New Animal Room 

In addition to all of the exciting renovations we have been working on in the Exhibit Hall, we have a brand new animal room! With the help of local 4-H students, we are going to be able to display a variety of different animals.  Guests will get a peek into what it takes to care for the animals through the viewing window as well as being able to see each new animal visitor that we have in the rotation.

Exhibit Hall Renovations 

As we prepare to open for the summer season, we are becoming increasingly excited to debut our new exhibit hall to the public! Through the hard work of volunteers and staff, as well as through generous gifts given by donors at our recent Exhibit Hall Preview Gala, renovations and updates that have been in the works since November are coming to fruition.

Touch screens have been installed and loaded with interactive information that will make learning accessible and exciting for all ages, informative plaques have been added to exhibits to aid in the self-guided experience, and new exhibits, such as our exhibit on Egyptian history and archaeology, are being finished up to bring new information to our collection! We cannot wait to share all of these exciting changes with you!

IMG_1184.JPG IMG_1192.PNG

Summer Kick Off Carnival- June 11th

We can’t believe it’s nearly time for the first annual Chronicles of Narnia Summer Kick-Off Carnival! On June 11th, from 10am-4pm at Crosspoint Alliance Church, we are going to be celebrating the start of our summer season with games, contests, crafts, raffle baskets, prizes, great food, and FUN!

This Chronicles of Narnia themed carnival will have activities for all ages! Come dressed as your favorite character from the books to enter the costume contest (all ages are encouraged to participate!) or borrow some of our props and take pictures at our photo stand! We will have a number of free and ticketed games, crafts, and activities that feature favorite icons from the book series, such as an “Unlock the Wardrobe” game, “Narnians vs. Telmarines” blow-up jousting arena, a Crown Making Station, “Queen Susan’s Archery”, “Eustace’s Dragon Egg Dig”, and so much more!

In addition to all of the games, we will have fun events going on all day at the main-stage inside such as trivia contests, costume contests, and raffles.  Food and baked goods will be available for purchase including, of course, Turkish Delight!

At just $5 per person, pre-sale, and $7 per person day-of, with a $35 family maximum (Game and activity tickets 25¢ each), this event is an affordable way to spend a magical day with the entire family!

To purchase pre-sale tickets, visit:


As you can see, there is so much to look forward to this summer at AFSC! So grab your sunscreen and come join us for all the fun! We can’t wait to see you here this summer!


Creation Education: Does It Matter?

Creation education. It’s important and something we want our children to know, but in a world full of violence, poverty, and the loss of absolute truth, many argue that there are more important ways to spend your time, focus, and money.  In the midst of all of these struggles, some have argued that creation vs. evolution, young earth vs. old earth, literal vs. metaphorical interpretations– is all just semantics. “Can’t we all just get along?”  they ask. But what happens when you take away the basis of what our faith is built upon ? What happens to our faith and what are the repercussions for our youth, the church, and the world? Here at AFSC, we would argue that the importance of creation education is not only a vital part of being able to defend God’s truth in the classroom and the world, but that it is a vital part of how we live out and view our faith.

Before we address the importance of having well educated, scientifically literate children, let us first address the importance of the creation argument among the world’s many other troubles. Some argue “don’t people just need to become Christians? Why does any of the rest matter?”.  Yes, of course salvation is of the utmost importance–but that’s just the problem. If the creation story is false, how can the Bible speak with authority on anything else, including the Gospel message? Can we ask people to put their faith in a religion that would admit that its entire foundation is little more than a metaphor? To do so would be to ask people to put their faith in something that is often presented with only a little more merit than the story of Santa Claus- one based on a real man and real events, but which is ultimately fictional and has become heavily interwoven with myths and fables over time.  Additionally,  without Adam’s original sin, there is no need for a savior. When we begin to question one part of the Bible, it undermines everything else. Yes, bringing people to salvation is of vital importance, which is why it is equally vital that we take a stand for Biblical creation.

If we  then agree that the truth of creation is of the utmost importance in our faith and outreach, then let us move on to why it is important to thoroughly educate ourselves and our children in science, archaeology, and history which is rooted firmly on Biblical truth.  Unfortunately, many feel that simply believing the truth of creation is enough, both for themselves as well as for those they are trying to reach. Some proclaim that we have faith and the “the Bible says it’s so, so it’s so”but when it comes down to it, it isn’t enough. It isn’t enough for non-believers, and it isn’t enough for our children.

Answers In Genesis reports in its outreach video that “61% of youths are leaving the church in their early 20’s”.  While there are many reasons that contribute to people leaving the church, the fact that students are being presented with science that seems to refute everything they’ve been taught is certainly a factor.  Students find themselves feeling as if they are standing on shaky ground when they are faced with what seems to be damning evidence against their faith. A great deal of real science is interwoven with false truth and under the overwhelming weight, many admit defeat.  In reality, there is an overwhelming amount of scientific proof in favor of Biblical creation–the problem lies in the lack of education.

Finally, in addition to being able defend the faith to ourselves, we must present an informed, scientifically rooted front to the world as well. We cannot be expected to be taken seriously in the scientific community if we are not informed and ready to give well informed, scientifically rooted answers to those who may ask. We are being inundated with science presented from an evolutionary standpoint in school, on TV, online, and more often then not, the average school age Christian child can tell you more about the mechanisms and dates of evolution then they can about the science which supports creationism.

We must be able to send people out equipped with answers and the confidence that the subject matter they are presenting is scientifically sound. As is too often the case, people are so ill equipped with knowledge that supports their own beliefs, that they are ashamed to speak of or defend them. But it doesn’t need to be this way! The science, the archaeology, the history, they are solid.

Creation science does not suffer from a lack of evidence, but from a lack of education and information.  That is why we are so passionate about creation education at Akron Fossils & Science Center. The truth of creation is paramount to our faith, our defense of our faith, and to the Gospel message itself.  Georgina Purdom put it best when she said “if you lose Adam, you lose Christ”.


Spotlight On: Volunteers!


Here at AFSC, we could not function without the help of volunteers. From our annual auction to lawn work to renovations, so much of what we have been able to accomplish over the past 10 years has been because of volunteer efforts.  This has been especially true these past 2 months as we began the process of upgrading our facility.  The upgrade process has been (and continues to be) a huge undertaking that’s involved moving exhibits, tearing down and rebuilding walls, painting, and redesigning signage, just to name a few of the massive projects that are being worked on.  What is truly amazing is that all of this work has been done thanks to the kindness of a few hard working and generous volunteers.

Some of the amazing work accomplished in the Exhibit Hall by our volunteers

One of the core volunteers who has helped make our vision for the exhibit hall a reality is Gary Gage.  Since the project began in late November, Gary has been back in the exhibit hall nearly every day constructing walls, sanding, sawing, and painting for hours on end to get the job done–and done well.

Gary close-up

Gary hard at work

We sat down with Gary to learn more about him, what he’s been working on, and how he first became involved with AFSC. Here’s what we learned:

Gary first heard about AFSC through a friend who had attended our fundraiser dinner back in 2014.  After learning about AFSC’s mission and some of its needs, this friend called Gary, knowing his skill set, and asked if he would like some work to do. Thankfully for us, he said yes.

Though he spent his career on the office end of construction, working for the company

Gary exhibit hall

Working in the Exhibit Hall

Babcock and Wilcox, Gary shared with us that his true love is in the actual building and working with his hands. Having grown up on a farm, Gary is gifted with many skills, such as carpentry and painting, which he learned from his grandfather. Graciously, he has chosen to bless AFSC with these skills.

Gary’s first project for AFSC was helping with painting throughout the building. In October of 2014, he began building and painting the clock face for the new clock tower that would go up in Spring, 2015. Since then, Gary has been coming in each month, helping with any projects that needed a skilled hand, such as crafting new bookshelves for our gift shop and building special bins to display gift shop items.

Some of Gary’s handiwork

Gary’s most recent and most involved undertaking has been the renovation of our exhibit hall. Since the renovation began, Gary has been working tirelessly to complete the project. Several other volunteers have generously donated their time and skills to the project throughout the months, but it’s Gary who has come in nearly every single day to ensure the work gets finished on time.

gary and denny

Always smiling!

When asked why he believes AFSC is worth all the time and effort, his answer is straightforward: It’s important for people to know who their creator is. God is the creator. He appreciates when people emphasize that and is happy to help anyone who does this in whatever way he can.

Despite the long hours, Gary comes in each morning and leaves each day with a smile on his face and a kind greeting for everyone he comes across. His good attitude is contagious and his humble servant’s attitude is inspiring. We here at AFSC are so grateful to have someone like Gary on our team.

In addition to donating his time and skills to AFSC, Gary enjoys spending time with his family and his church. Gary and his wife have been married since 1976 and together they attend The Chapel in Akron where his wife sings in the church choir.


We are so thankful for volunteers like Gary and we truly could not function without them. Our science center relies on you to help bring our vision and our mission to others.

Volunteers are needed in a variety of positions: tour guides, gardening, administrative, animal care, special events, park supervision, renovations, camps, classes, and more! Volunteers may choose to be full-time, part-time, group, or special event volunteers depending on what fits their schedule best.  There are so many ways to get involved and use your talents here at AFSC and we do our best to find the right position for each volunteer.

Check out our website and Facebook regularly to find out about current volunteer opportunities!

We want to, once again, thank our amazing volunteer, Gary Gage, for sitting down and talking with us and for all of his hard work, dedication, and positive attitude. We couldn’t make it without you!!


AFSC volunteers have the opportunity to receive benefits such as:

  • Behind the scenes knowledge and involvement with AFSC
  • Be involved in the critical mission of sharing the knowledge of God’s creation
  • 10% discount in our gift shop
  • Invitation to our annual Volunteer Appreciation luncheon

If YOU are interested in becoming part of our team here at AFSC, please contact Alysha Schall at for more information!

Why You SHOULD Study Evolution

CR V EV.png

Right now you might be thinking, “Whoa whoa whoa, hold on. I thought Akron Fossils & Science Center was a CREATION science museum! Are they really telling me I should be studying evolution?” Yes! We are!  Many advocates of creation science/ intelligent design make the mistake of educating themselves in creation science while neglecting to also educate themselves on the other side of the argument.   We buy books and DVDs about the wonders and evidence of creation, but leave material about evolution on the shelf.  Our intentions are good, but what if our actions are actually robbing ourselves and our children of the ability to effectively defend what we believe?

If we truly believe that Biblical creation not only stands up to modern science, but is in fact proved by it, then we have nothing to fear when engaging with evolution.  What we should fear is not engaging with it. If  we do not engage with evolution, we weaken our own ability to defend creation. In light of this, here are our top reasons why you SHOULD study evolution:

1.In order to properly defend creation science

You cannot defend yourself against something you know nothing about.  If we do not engage with evolution, we will not be properly prepared with an answer. In every lie, there is a kernel of truth. There are many seemingly compelling arguments and pieces of evidence presented by evolutionists and many creationists have had their faith shaken upon encountering these arguments for the first time. Having never before encountered what seems like solid evidence, people are unable to prepare a defense.

Educating ourselves about evolution, reading material written by evolutionist, not just reading about evolution from a creationist standpoint, and engaging in the current scientific theories and arguments better prepares us to defend our own faith and beliefs.

In order to be a part of scientific and cultural discussions

Dr. Thomas Jay Oord put it best when he stated that, “The Christian ignorant about science is easily sidelined or even cut off from cultural conversations.” (Oord, Dr, Thomas Jay. “10 Reasons Christians Should Care About Science”. RELEVANT Magazine. 18 Oct. 2011. Web. 21 Jan. 2016.). If we do not educate ourselves outside of our own sphere, we should not be surprised when others refuse to engage with us. By educating ourselves on the points of view of others, we are more likely to be taken seriously and more likely to be invited into critical cultural and scientific discussions.

2.To avoid making uninformed arguments

If we do not know the foundational beliefs of evolution, then we risk making ignorant and uneducated arguments, effectively undermining our own credibility.  For example, evolution does not believe that humans evolved from apes but rather that humans and apes share a common ancestor.  While this may seem like a small distinction to make considering intelligent design believes neither are true, to make incorrect and oversimplified assumptions makes the creationist look ignorant and discredits their arguments.

When presented with some of the complex–albeit often incorrect–science behind the theory of evolution, creationists, who have previously encountered only watered down or simplified versions of evolution, are faced with what feels like an intellectual crisis, sometimes to the point of abandoning their beliefs. While we do believe macroevolution is false, it would be naive to believe that there is no serious and some very real science interwoven into the evolutionary theory. It’s vital that we fully prepare ourselves to understand and acknowledge this science so that we can accurately separate the truth from the deception.

3.To show respect

We want those who believe in evolution to take the time to really understand what we believe and why we believe it without being persuaded by prejudices and assumptions. We should do them the same courtesy. Taking the time to learn and understand another’s point of view shows that we respect their intelligence and we respect them as human beings, which opens the doors for a discussion rather than an argument.

4.Truth can withstand a challenge 

The nature of truth is that there can only be one truth. Here at AFSC, we believe that One Truth is that God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th and we believe that the God who created the Earth and the scientific principles that govern it also created these things to point straight back to Him. While some will try to distort this truth (and some do it very convincingly), the truth cannot be changed. As a result, we should never be afraid to learn about views different than our own. In fact, doing so presents a fantastic display of trust in the validity of intelligent design. The truth can withstand a challenge. God’s word will not fail under scrutiny.


We hope that the above points have shown you why it is important that you take some time to begin learning about evolution and the arguments that it makes. One word of warning: while we must take the time to understand opposing viewpoints, it is equally vital to be thoroughly informed about what is happening in the world of creation science and to know the teachings of the Scripture. 2 Corinthians 11 warns us that many will disguise lies as the truth. Know what you believe and why you believe it so that you will not be shaken by well crafted deceptions. 1 Thessalonians 5:21 sums it up perfectly, reminding us to …“examine everything carefully; hold fast to what is good.” 


At Akron Fossils & Science Center, we don’t shy away from the truth. During our tours and presentations, we thoughtfully examine the world around us through proven scientific evidence and principles. If you would like to learn more about us or schedule a visit, please call us at 330-665-3466 or explore the rest of our website at!



Simply Science Spring Session 2016

SS - Spring 2016 Square.jpg

With Akron Fossil & Science Center’s Professional Upgrade well under way, 2016 is off to a running start! In addition to Birthday Parties and Super Science Saturday, AFSC will also be offering its popular 12 week session of Simply Science classes beginning January 19th. With our Spring Session beginning next week, we’d like to highlight this amazing resource and encourage you to sign up! If you haven’t registered yet, you’re in luck! To give more people the opportunity to take advantage of these classes, we have extended the registration date to Monday January 18th!!

So what exactly is Simply Science? Created to align with Ohio education standards, SimplySSP2 Science is a 12 week session of science classes developed for home schooled students grades K-12th. With 6 Simply Science 2014classes from which to choose, Simply Science allows students to explore a variety of sciences through hands-on activities, interactive journals, and take home assignments designed to build greater connections with the material covered in class. Regular testing is administered along with a report card showcasing your child’s achievements. Here is a sampling of what you can look forward to for our Simply Science Spring Session:



Classes and Dates:

Tuesdays Jan. 19-April 12

Anatomy and Physiology 10am-12pm

  • K-2nd
  • 3rd-5th

Biology 10am-12pm

  • 7th-8th
  • 9th-10th

Physics  1pm-3pm

  • 9th-12th

Wednesdays Jan. 20-April 13

Astronomy 10am-12pm

  • K-5th
  • 6th-8th

Marine Biology 1pm-3pm

  • 7th-8th
  • 9th-12th

Thursdays Jan 21- April 14

Marine Biology 10am-12pm

  • K-2nd
  • 3rd-5th

Physical Science 1pm-3pm

  • 7th-8th
  • 9th-12th

 *Spring Break March 29-31

Download full brochure


Akron Fossils & Science Center strives to remain an affordable educational resource for families, so we are offering our Simply Science classes for the low price of $12/class or $120/session for grades K-6th, and $15/class or $150/session for grades 7th-12th. To ease the burden for families with multiple students, we also offer a 25% sibling discount after the first child for those who register for a full session. If you love Simply Science and refer a friend who decides to register, you can also receive $10 off your registration!

$10 Off Coupon for Referal and Return


Registration may be done by phone, mail, in person, or through PayPal on our website (*Please do not use PayPal if the family discount applies to your situation: please email us for a PayPal invoice to include your discount). Full payment is required with registration. Parents are welcome to sit in on classes—free of charge!

If you’re still not convinced to sign up, check out these pictures of previous Simply Science students learning about science AND having fun doing it! We hope to see you all next week!



Want to stay up to date on what’s happening at Akron Fossils & Science Center? Sign up for our email list to be the first to know about classes, events, and discounts!

Do you have a hidden talent and want to help AFSC to continue connecting people with the truth? From painters to gardeners to teachers and cleaners, we’re always looking for those willing to lend a hand! Sign up here to volunteer today!


Excuse Our Spiff, We’ll Just Be A Jiff!

Attention AFSC visitors! We will be CLOSED for tours until February!

We are so excited about all of the new renovations going on here at AFSC and we cannot WAIT to show them to you! If you’ve had the chance to check out our facebook page, then you have seen some of the BIG changes in store for visitors in our upcoming season! Unfortunately, with big renovations comes a lot of mess and that means that our tour space isn’t quite ready for visitors.

Check out all of the big things going on at the Science Center!

While we are putting the finishing touches on the new exhibit, the Science Center will be closed for tours until February.  But no need for tears! If you just cant stand thought of going another three weeks without seeing us, come stop by for Super Science Saturday and get your weekly dose of science fun! Our private classes will also continue as usual and of course, don’t forget you can always schedule one of our awesome birthday parties for those of you with winter birthdays who are looking for some unique winter party fun!

When we re-open for tours in February, our exhibits will still have some polishing up to do. We couldn’t wait! We wanted to see all of you as soon as possible! Make sure you come back for our Grand-reopening  and see us at our very best!

There are big things happening in 2016 and we hope you will visit us in February to come share in all the fun!

Super Science Saturday-The Science Lessons of Christmas and a Look Back at 2015

SSS Christmas.jpg

Tomorrow, on Saturday, December 19, we will hold our final Super Science Saturday of the year! 2015 was the first year we decided that, rather than having shorter 1 hour Super Science Saturday lessons and activities each week, we would hold one SUPERSIZED Super Science Saturday event every month that would last ALL DAY!! In the past, each month would be themed and each Saturday in the month would explore a new lesson within that theme. However, because some families were not able to participate every Saturday, they were afraid they might be behind when they were able to come. Our solution was to consolidate all the lessons into one day of fun, hands-on learning. The best part? It’s only $10 for the whole day ($5 if you’re a member!)!!
So what does a typical Super Science Saturday entail? As usual, each month, we will have a specific topic that we discover together. FromSSS lum2 10am-5pm, the day will be broken down into learning opportunities with a wide variety of material covered. In between lessons, guests will have the opportunity to eat their packed lunch or snack, take a guided tour, or play SSS Aubreyoutside in Truassic Park. A detailed schedule with all activities and quest speakers will be posted on our website each month. You can decide to come anytime, pack a lunch and stay all day, or only come for the parts you want to be involved in! If you want a great inexpensive family day of learning and fun, this is definitely it!

I know what you’re all asking: what is the theme of tomorrow’s Super Science Saturday??? I’m glad you asked! Tomorrow we will explore…The Science Lessons of Christmas!! Did you know that there are many science lessons we can learn about at Christmas? So much science is going on in our fun family traditions, that there’s plenty to discover. Hands-on activities will include: The Chemistry of Christmas, Snowman Science, The Physics of Feliz Navidad, and Gift Giving Goo! With the beautiful weather we’ve been having, it’s sure to be nice enough to play in Truassic Park, as well!

Download the schedule here
Akron Fossils & Science Center will be closed for the next two weekends because of the holidays, so this is your opportunity to soak up all the science you can before the New Year! Additionally, select items in our gift shop will be 25% off this Saturday ONLY!! You can finish up your Christmas shopping while you learn; what a bargain!
In 2015, we explored the science behind crime scene investigation, fossils, the universe, bioluminescence, dinosaurs, wild weather, life under ground, fossil fuels, creatures’ creative design, the miracles of the medical world, and earthquakes, all during our Super Science Saturday events! Wow! We have had so much fun learning more about this amazing world in which we live with you. We can’t wait to continue learning and discovering with you next year!

We hope to see you tomorrow as we explore The Science Lessons of Christmas!!


Super Science Saturday Details
When: One Saturday a Month (usually the 3rd Saturday)
Time: 10a.m-5p.m.
Cost: $10 for the whole day/$5 for members

Please Note:
• If for some reason Super Science Saturday needs to be canceled for the day, a notice will be posted on the museum’s website, Facebook page, and at the front desk.
• Some of our spring and summer Super Science Saturdays may take place outdoors, so please dress accordingly.
• Activities are for all ages, however, younger children must be supervised at all times.
• Because Super Science Saturdays are considered Special Events, they are not included in the Winter Discount Pricing.
• Groups are able to participate in Super Science Saturdays, however, a group leader must call or email to give an RSVP, so that we are prepared for the extra participants.
• Science can be messy and some of our activities may be messy too, so please dress accordingly.
• Our Super Science Saturdays teach science from a Biblical perspective

To always stay up to date on what’s happening at Akron Fossils & Science Center, follow us on Facebook or sign up to receive our email newsletter!