Looking Back and Moving Forward

2016 has been an incredible year of change for Akron Fossils & Science Center. It’s hard to believe it’s already coming to a close! When the year began, AFSC set out with a vision of growth and change.  Our exhibit hall was just beginning to undergo major renovations, new programming was being proposed, and new events were being planned. Now, looking back after a year of hard work on the part of so many people, it is truly stunning to see how far the science center has come.

Our exhibit hall is now completely redesigned and equipped with new displays and technology. We had the opportunity to meet with pastors in the Akron area during our first annual Pastor’s Night and had so much fun at our first ever Chronicles of Narnia Summer Carnival. Our park now boasts brand new play equipment; the lecture hall now has two newly built animal learning areas to accompany its many other updates including our Camp Creation Cabin and turtle pond.

From renovations to new and growing programming, AFSC has experienced stunning growth and blessings over the past 12 months.  None of these changes would have been possible if not for the generous donations, countless hours of volunteer labor and materials, and of course, the blessings of the Lord. Take a moment to check out some of our favorite moments from 2016!


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As we celebrate this year’s victories, we are also planning and setting new goals for 2017! Some of the changes, goals, and improvements to look forward to in 2017 include fully opening the completed exhibit hall for self guided tours/ adding a “self-guided” option to our tour set, continuing to grow newly introduced events such as our summer carnival and pastors night, growing our existing programming to include more camps and Simply Science classes, exterior renovations, connecting more with the Akron/Copley community, and launching new programming including Camp Creation, and fossil replica making.

We are thankful for the success and support of 2016 and so excited for all that 2017 may bring. Thank you for your continued support of Akron Fossils & Science Center’s mission to bring quality, science-based creation education to the Akron community.  We cannot wait to see what the next year has in store.

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About Akron Fossils & Science Center

Akron Fossils & Science Center features hands-on guided tours and science activities. Our exhibits display many fossils from Ohio and around the world. We look forward to having you visit our 4,500 square foot museum and 2 1/2 acre outdoor adventure park called Truassic Park. We are devoted to teaching creation science and intelligent design models on the origin and history of life (in contrast to teaching evolutionary models). Here's a picture of our mascot, Levi! To find out when Levi will be making public appearances at the Science Center please refer to our Calendar of Events (located on our main website, AkronFossils.com).

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