Spotlight On: Youth Nights

This fall, you may want to consider booking one of our Youth Nights for your youth group or group of students! AFSC offers these nights as both a learning platform for students as well as to give students the opportunity to have their questions about origins, faith, and science answered. 

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of building a strong, scientific knowledge base. Having this foundation allows us to not only defend our faith to others, but also to ourselves. The truth of Biblical creation is scientifically sound, however, many students find themselves ill equipped to defend their faith. This is not due to a lack of evidence, but from a lack of education about the evidence that exists.

The Pew Research Center states that the percentage of adults who claim no religious affiliation is growing, despite the fact that a large percentage (78%) of those who claimed no religious affiliation were raised in the church (Lipka 2016). Perhaps more to the point is that when asked the reasons why they chose to leave the church, about half (49%) indicated a lack of belief as their main reason, including many who mentioned “science,””logic,” and “a lack of evidence” as the reason they no longer believe ( Lipka 2016).

The teen years are a time when many students find themselves faced with similar doubts and challenges to their faith and begin to ask questions.  Questions such as, “Can God’s Word really be trusted in this scientific age?” and  “what about radio-carbon dating-doesn’t it prove the earth is millions of years old?”.  At AFSC, we encourage everyone to ask questions and we want to help you answer them. This is why we offer our Youth Nights. We believe that students deserve to have their questions answered and should be able to face their peers equipped with answers and the confidence that the subject matter they are presenting is scientifically sound.

Youth Nights, offered for groups of 30+ students on Fridays from 6:30- Midnight, allow students to both learn and question in a fun, safe environment. Rather than simply hearing lectures, they will have the opportunity to participate in a discussion. Over the course of the evening, students will take part in group teaching, educational activities, guided tours, and small group discussions.  Of course, they will also have the opportunity to ride our 2o0 ft zip-line!

This is a perfect opportunity for youth groups who are looking to build a solid foundation for their youth, or for any group of students looking to have their questions answered and to have a better understanding of the science behind their faith.

If you are interested in booking a Youth Night for your group and would like more information, call or email us at 330-665-3466 and Click here to download our flier for an event overview and pricing.



Lipka, Michael. “Why America’s ‘nones’ Left Religion behind.” Pew Research Center RSS. N.p., 2016. Web. 20 Sept. 2016.





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