Pluto: The Other Red World

by guest author Josh B

I predicted in the newsletter article that I wrote back in April, that the Nepluto-red-2015w Horizons probe, the space probe launched in 2006 to gather more detail about the ninth planet, would be changing some of the things we thought about Pluto. Specifically, I was referring to whether Pluto would be reclassified as a planet. Although that has not changed, something else has been discovered about Pluto: it’s red! Scientists have believed since Pluto’s discovery that it was gray or blue. New photos taken by New Horizons show that Pluto is in fact red in color. The first photos that got a good look at Pluto were taken on July 7, 2015 from five million miles away. These photos also displayed a heart-shaped crater of some sort on Pluto’s surface. As the probe drew closer it showed that Pluto actually has five moons instead of three. Scans of the planetary surface detected ice on the face of the (dwarf) planet. John Grunsfeld, an administrator for NASA, had this to say: “We knew that a mission to Pluto would bring some surprises, and now — 10 days after closest approach — we can say that our expectation has been more than surpassed. With flowing ices, exotic surface chemistry, mountain ranges, and vast haze, Pluto is showing a diversity of planetary geology that is truly thrilling.” It is amazing to see the detail God put into even the furthest reaches of our solar system.

O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! Who hast set thy glory above the heavens. – Psalm 8:1

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