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Instead of focusing on one species this time, we want to share all of the exciting things that have happened with our zoology department this summer. Our zebra finches hatched four babies at the beginning of July; they are all very healthy and flying. The color patterns on the new babies are quite interesting as we have a leucistic female as the mother. All of the babies have some white feathers as opposed to the typical gray.

The Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches also had babies. It was quite fun watching the live birth of these cool insects. The hissers are just one kind of insect that have live birth instead of laying eggs. They will be on display soon.

Blue, our crayfish, moltedIMG_3742A his exoskeleton which looked like a second crayfish in the aquarium! The tarantula, Aragog, also shed. We knew it was coming because he stopped eating and began to make webs all over his terrarium. One afternoon, he was lying on his back getting ready to split his exoskeleton but it was late in the day, so we didn’t get to see him go through the process. We found the shed skin the next morning and Aragog was hungry and ready to eat.

Redenbacher, our corn snake, has been more active now that she is in her new exhibit. She really seems to like the attention. Her past sheds are on display next to her terrarium for guests to touch as they go through the exhibit.

All in all, it has been a great summer for the animals. Come out and see them before the cold winter months when everyone hunkers down and hides until spring!

Written by Megan Beaver

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