What I Learned from the Debate

Bill Nye is very fond of technology.  He is very fond of making things and discovering things… or, is he really?  There is much to discover about what creationists have discovered and predictions they have made based on a biblical world view that Mr Nye seemed very ignorant about.

Bill Nye kept using the word “respect” to express his feelings toward religious persons, but I think he does not know what that word means.  If most “religious” persons realized that Mr. Nye saw their religion as only an opportunity to have community, they would not feel respected at all.

Bill Nye thinks that Christianity’s problem is that it does not offer something wonderful for those like himself who are not interested in God and His Christ.  Bill, if only you realized that your fascination for making things came from the God who made you in His image and the Good News IS His Christ.  He also kept implying that Ken Ham is simply a cult leader.  Did I miss getting a Ken Ham t-shirt?  I think our president has had more stickers with his face on them.

Many brothers in the Lord have expressed that they wish Ken Ham had given more specific evidence based answers to the statements made by Bill Nye.  I disagree.  Time was short in the debate.  The information refuting Bill Nye’s erroneous statements are very available.  He either was not interested in discovering them, or was choosing to be misleading and dishonest on purpose.  Answering all of his accusations would have left Ken with no time to present his key message – that the Word of God is the beginning of knowledge, understanding and wisdom and it correctly describes the world we live in with its beauty and its pain.  It all comes down to this, it is ridiculous to pretend that not believing in God is actually an option.  Sooner or later, you have to meet God and all your wishing He wasn’t there will not help you.

Finally, through Ken’s presentation, I realized even more that I was trained as a humanist by my culture and I still have a ways to go to learn how to respect God and understand sovereignty.

In reflection, studying creation evidences are a chance to break off the yoke of humanistic ignorance that closed my eyes to a world filled with pattern, symbiosis, hidden purposes and design, and provision that I shall now not take for granted.  I am a biologist.  I study life.

Just what do you really fear about a scientist that is grateful to his Creator, Bill Nye?  Just what are you really afraid of?

Written by Cindy Julius

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