Thoughts on the Ken Ham & Bill Nye Debate

I thought Ken Ham did a great job pulling in the Ph.D. creationists that are doing great work, and his commentary on the various evidences and the distinction between the operational and historical science items were clear. He also did a great job with the apologetics, the gospel, and the things that are sourced in Genesis such as marrage, language, government, etc. Here are some thoughts on how we would have handled some additional responses to Nye’s claims at Akron Fossils.
Nye referred to the ice cores as representing one winter or season. Indeed, the ice cores represent storms not seasons as observed in the borings around the “Lost Squadron” research in Greenland.
The fossil record is full of fossils being found outside of the so called order of evolution. Camels, rabbits, saber-toothed tigers, being found in layers with the dinosaurs are plentiful. Fossil graveyards where piles of bones all mixed together showing violent forces burying things all together from supposed different time scales are all over the world.
 Mt. St. Helens is a testimony to catastrophe. When the north side of that volcano blew up and knocked down thousands of trees that jammed up the Tuttle river, a canyon about 1/40th the size of Grand Canyon was formed in about an afternoon, when it finally breached. The rock layering that we see in Grand Canyon, are deposits that are associated with rapidly moving water are all observable. If the layers in Grand Canyon represent deep time, then we should see top soil in between the layers and evidences of meteorite activity as well in between the layers. We only see top soil and meteorite activity on the top layer.
As far as Noah’s Ark is concerned, naval architects have indeed determined that ratios given in the Bible, (height , depth, draft, etc.) for a boat that size to float are very accurate and stable. It was not designed to sail or move from point to point, only to float while the flood of the earth was occurring. Although the flood was a major altering of the earth’s topography, it has never been understood that the Ark needed to withstand hurricane winds or tornadoes. It needed only to float for a year. The capacity of approximately 52 railroad boxcars which is the size of the Ark, could easily have housed the animals and people on board. We would have gone on to bring out the fact that all historical records, writings, and languages are about 6,000 years old, and that the current population of the world would easily be achieved with reasonable reproduction rates including wars and diseases, with 8 people reproducing from the time of the end of the flood to today.
Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we would have mentioned that one of the most important phrases in Genesis chapter one is the phrase, “it was so”. This phrase is used several times when God is saying that “it is fixed in place”. Nye kept asking “What can you predict scientifically from your belief system?” Although Ken did say that the immutable laws of nature are evidence, he could have developed that in more detail. The laws of nature, forces, principles of motion, and mathematics represent an order from which we can predict indeed how things will operate. Because engineers depend upon the reliable principles of how the various elements such as metal, wood, plastic, and chemicals operate, and how electricity, radio waves, micro waves, gravity, forces, heat, and energy need to interact these, they need to be “So”. They need to be fixed and established. They need to be reliable. They need to be laws. This enables us to do operational science in a predictable and reliable fashion. God fixed these as “So” in his word.
Micro-biologists, plant and animal breeders,  depend upon the DNA information code found in living organisms to behave predictably. Chicken farmers and breeders can manipulate the breeding to obtain better laying hens or fryers, but chickens do not turn into something else. (Aren’t we glad?) The same with cattle, dogs, cats, horses, or what ever animal you can name. Every day, every year millions upon millions of animal life on land and in the sea reproduce after their kind, because it is fixed or” it is so”. Mutations occur which is the loss of information, and as you push specialty breeding  such as Toy Poodles and Great Danes, you are actually eliminating information. No new information is being added, only the altering of the existing information. The DNA is fixed. Dogs beget dogs and roses beget roses and oak trees beget oak trees, and monkeys beget monkeys.
A researcher, engineer, medical biologist, rocket scientist, home maker, mechanic, carpenter, butch, baker, and candle stick maker all depend upon the order and predictability of the immutable laws of predictability in creation in order to do their work. We depend upon DNA in living organisms of the creation to be stable. We do not give much thought to the percentages of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen contained in the air we breathe, although the maintenance of those percentages is necessary for us to even have this discussion (“it is so.”) How many scientific experiments do we need to observe; when we open our eyes we see millions, of chickens, horses, fish, dogs, cats, fruit flies, mosquitoes, spiders, etc. all around us demonstrating reproducation after their kind because” it is so” . I challenge you to take the time to notice that virtually every thing we do depends upon reliability and fixed principles.
In summary, we need to bring out the obviousness of what we observe as “being so” which in turn gives us the ability to enjoy, repair, and enhance our environment while we seek to use our God given intelligence to in our efforts for everyone’s good.
Bill Sanderson – Founder of Akron Fossils
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