Vier’s Ditch Creek Takes Center Stage

ImageYellow “Beastie” transforms the Vier’s Ditch Creek.  County maintenance has made the waterway deeper, and wider, and stripped off vegetation on one side.  Megan Beaver currently is housing some of our Green frogs and our one male Bull frog until things settle down a bit.  The nasty, flesh tearing grass has been ripped up and quite a bit of the invasive Japanese knotweed has been removed.  But what shall take its place?  I (Cindy Julius) am busy gathering native plants to transplant and transform our nature area.  What will be the overall effect on the Vier’s Ditch Creek?  Will we improve our water quality or will it decline?  Will we support a greater variety of living things or only mosquitoes?  In ten years, the creek will be dredged again.  How should we change how we steward our nature area in the weeks to come?

Join me on Fridays, from 3:30 to 5:30 in our SAC program (Science Adventure Club), when we will try to answer those questions.  This year will be completely devoted to Vier’s Ditch Creek Ecology.

Written by Cindy Julius

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