Wilderness Night Book Signing

Join us for a night of fun for the whole family. Our founder Bill Sanderson has published his book “Getting the Wilderness in You” about his adventures with long-term canoe guide Rolf Skrien in the Minnesota-Canadian Boundary Waters over the past forty years. Bill will be speaking about the wilderness and have a variety of gear available for demonstrations. Additional activities include Fibonacci Pinecone Making, Night Sounds Discoveries, a live animal event with Nocturnal Animals, and telescope Star Sightings. We will also have a campfire with hot dogs and smore’s available for purchase. Enter to win a FREE rappelling trip this August!

A donation of $3 per person for this event is appreciated.

Written by Dr. Al Gotch

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About Akron Fossils & Science Center

Akron Fossils & Science Center features hands-on guided tours and science activities. Our exhibits display many fossils from Ohio and around the world. We look forward to having you visit our 4,500 square foot museum and 2 1/2 acre outdoor adventure park called Truassic Park. We are devoted to teaching creation science and intelligent design models on the origin and history of life (in contrast to teaching evolutionary models). Here's a picture of our mascot, Levi! To find out when Levi will be making public appearances at the Science Center please refer to our Calendar of Events (located on our main website, AkronFossils.com).

One thought on “Wilderness Night Book Signing

  1. I think everyone born has the wilderness in them, its just that as you grow you’re introduced to more and more technology to make your life easier, and at that point, some forget about nature and tradition of simplicity, and how to just enjoy the sunshine and breeze on a warm thursday morning. Look forward to reading the book.

    -Sharone Tal

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