If You Missed the Transit of Venus

Venus transit animation screenshot

Local classical astronomer Jay Ryan has provided us an ANIMATION of the Venus transit, as observed Tuesday, June 6, 2012 over Lake Erie at Edgewater Park. The article also includes a detailed description of his observations.

Click here to watch the animation on Ryan’s website, ClassicalAstronomy.com

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About Dr. Al Gotch

Albert Gotch was born and raised in the Cleveland, OH area and received his B.A. in Chemistry from Thiel College in Greenville, PA. He then completed his M.S. in Chemistry and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at Purdue University studying artificial photosynthesis and small molecule gas phase clusters respectively. He taught college chemistry for 20 years at three different state and private institutions and has worked with many undergraduate and high school science students on research. He has published papers and given presentations on a wide-range of topics including photosynthesis, electrochemistry, fluorescence spectroscopy, molecular structure, chemical education, philosophy of science, and microemulsions. A longstanding research interest has been alternative energy and has included study of artificial photosynthesis, solar energy, wind turbine technology, fuel cells, and energy conservation. Recent research has focused on using biomass as an alternative energy source and a renewable chemical feedstock.

One thought on “If You Missed the Transit of Venus

  1. The lecture was fantastic and this video is so cool!
    For those of you who caught the May 27 article about Ryan’s lecture in the Suburbanite newspaper (only available in print). I was misquoted in the article as saying that the next Venus transit would take place in 150 years. It will actually take place again in 105 years, in the year 2117! The article was in the “Out & About” section by Tess Wolfe! Overall the article was excellent and mentioned our upcoming Creature Feature Workshops with Megan Beaver and Super Science Saturday Club classes on Amphibians with Jodie Brewer! You can read select articles from the Suburbanite on their website, http://www.thesuburbanite.com/. – Josiah

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