A Workshop Series At Last!

After giving my “Museum in a Backpack” presentation in many settings to a whole diversity of audiences, I’ve begun to see a growing hunger in children (and adults) to sink their teeth deeper into the subject of creation science. In short, my one or two session long virtual tour of our Science Center is not enough “meat” for some. They are asking for more!

A few weeks ago a local church requested that I teach a ten week long creation science and apologetics workshop to their youth (Elementary age to Jr. High teens). So… here’s an opportunity to learn more. Here’s an opportunity to get down to the nitty-gritty, nuts and bolts of creation science. What were the ape-men, exactly? Just how did the Ice Age happen? How could a God of love allow evil into His creation?

Please contact me if you are interested in a similar multi-session creation science and apologetics workshop series for your own group.

Written by Josiah Detwiler

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About Akron Fossils & Science Center

Akron Fossils & Science Center features hands-on tours and science activities that put knowledge directly in your hands. Our exhibits display many fossils from Ohio and around the world. In addition to our guided tours, we offer a wide variety of enriching science programs, all hands-on and designed to make science and learning fun and meaningful. We also look forward to having you enjoy our 2 1/2 acre outdoor adventure park called Truassic Park. Our park features a 9-hole mini golf course, giant slide, and 200 FT ZIP- LINE! At Akron Fossils & Science Center, participants and visitors become more than observers; they become researchers, experimenters, and even educators. Our exhibits and programs let you experience science first-hand and encourage understanding and deep, critical thought. A trip to Akron Fossils & Science Center provides more than something to do for one day; it ignites a passion for learning and exploration that lasts a lifetime.

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